Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gencon 2009

I only did a full costume on the day of the contest. The theme of the dance was masquerade and since I was already making the fancy dress and masks I thought I'd join in the costume contest fun. I was a Gazzelle and my husband escorted me as a Lion. The dress took some elements from elizeabethen fashion The over dress is completely lined in red. My husband obviously went Victorian. the frock coat is borrowed but I made the red ascot. The masks themselves were made molded with plaster then painted with acrylics. They were amazingly comfortable to wear.

Here I am before the contest.

Someone was awesome enough to upload the entire contest onto youtube. Here's the part we were in (about 1:45):

This is us at the dance that night. I was asked to hold a bunny, I didn't ask queastions.