Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 27/28: party food

So party prep this weekend was pretty hectic so that's the reason for the combo post.

So here's some of the party foods we made. Something's worked some didn't

the punch ice cubes worked out great. Using a cheap mask and a couple of gloves we froze hands and a face for our "bloody" punch. I added the green food coloring to help them show up better.

Hand shaped cheese ball,. delicious. Unfortunately i took to long to take the picture

This the original idea picture, I couldnt get a good one of mine. These also turned out great
These were supposed to be glow in the dark cupcakes, more correctly theyre supposed to glow under blacklight. The only trick is to add tonic water to the icing. Supposedly the quinine in the tonic water reacts to blacklight. Except for it didnt at all. I dont know what I could have possibly done wrong but it did not glow.



And finally Jello Shots with gummy worms. The green were margarita and orange were fuzzy navel. Watch out if you do this because the worm really soak up the alchohol.
Here's your internet costumey goodness for today: