Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shiniest Fabric in the Verse.

I love it when I can combine my geeky fandom with my love of making things. I found this awesome fabric on Spoonflower. If you've never heard of them they have an amazing selection of prints in a great variety of fabrics. Lots of great geeky designs too! You can upload your own designs and get them printed. They also have weekly design contests and an interesting community of users. I bought a yard of "We Aim to Misbehave"(large) by Studiofibonacci. Since I don't usually spend $18 per yard of fabric I wanted to get the most out of it. First of all I made a long overdue sewing machine cover:
Then I made a cover for one of my Miche Bag shells. I love my miche bag and basically just made a pocketed sheath for an existing Joie shell which is completely flat. If you have a miche bag and want one I can easily make one for classic shells.
Last but not least, I made little pillow dolls for my daughter. The Characters are so cute I simply couldn't miss an opportunity for geek indoctrination. Just look how well they fit inside her little people barn!
"Two by Two, Hands of Blue"
the cats showed quite bit of interest in these. Here's River riding Phoenix.
Bekah certainly enjoys them. First thing she did was shove everyone in the silo.