Monday, July 2, 2012

Nerd Mom problems.

All parents at some point find themselves saying strange phrases that they never have imagined themselves saying. This is even truer. For example today I told my 19 month old not to put veggie straws in Mama's ray gun. Daddy is trying very hard to teach her go "pew, pew!" It’s all fun and games until someone disintegrates the cat.
Since Bekah was born I've had to get creative in how I schedule my costuming tasks. The essential tools of my trade tend to be sharp and small and little hands are quick. So any way I can speed up the process is great. That’s why I love "cheater" fabric. Ok so it not really cheating. The fabric is that pre-shirred stuff that to can use to make quick easy sundresses and skirts. In less than an hour I made a skirt for me and a dress for her.
I even had just enough left to make one for dolly!
Having a little girl certainly gives me ample opportunity to indulge my frilly side.
These dresses are especially awesome because they are adjustable. i can simply sdjust the ties and let the hem out. Very handy for this tall little girl.