Sunday, September 9, 2012

Finally! The GENCON post

BEST CON EVER!!! Thursday: steam punk day My husband and I posing with a strawberry monster...who apparently hates smoking

We bought HA! HA! Mustache!

Friday: True Dungeon and beer at the Ram.

Saturday: Costume contest day - Wynne from Dragon Age Origins.
Me with female Hawke from Dragon Age 2

I love entering the contest because for one you get a reserve seat for the show so you get to see all of the costumes. You also have time backstage to talk with the other costumers and compare notes. The costumes are so amazing, but everyone is still cool and laid back about it. I recommend entering no matter your skill level. Here were some of my personal favorites.

Grand Champion Tauren

Soul Caliber Group Costume

Awesome Dragon Lich: That mouth actually moves!

Little Batman complete with Batmobile

The most adorable Steam punk Family

More pictures of the Wynne costume

My staff is made from a wood, paper mache, foam, and wire.

Someone awesome posted the contest on YouTube

Sunday: I made a giant hammer! Why? Every fairy needs a giant hammer.

Monday: recovery day just laying out in the yard enjoying the gorgeous weather

Bekah loves strolling her Hobgoblin. Isn't he adorable? We got him for her from this vendor: Goblin Road
When you take one home you get a certificate of Goblin Adoption! How cute is that?!