Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tiny Things Thursday: Pointy kitty

So, I realize it is now after midnight so its technically Friday. Anyway I'm going to try and do a few new things with this blog. Mostly I need to do something to make myself interested in updating since I sort of suck at blogging.

So I give you Tiny Things Thursday. Every week I will try to post one of the small projects I have made: amigrummi , clothing alterations, or small toys for Bekah, etc.

This week: pointy kitty.
I made this for Bekah a while back and she finally started playing with it. It's made out of a bandanna I found that had a cat print. A cat sewn together from lesser cats!!!

If you'd like to make your own pointy kitty, this is where I got the free pattern:

Please to enjoy:)